Anti-counterfeiting Application of Wine Bottle RFID (Part One)

Introduction 1.1 Market counterfeiting

In the process of development of many brand-name products in China, it is accompanied by a process of fighting against counterfeit and inferior products. At the same time, as market demands continue to change, internal competition in the same industry has become fierce, and how to obtain development and acquisition in competition The competitive advantage, the simultaneous elimination of counterfeit and shoddy products on the impact of their products, enhance product value, these aspects of technological innovation and high-end anti-counterfeiting technology is very important. RFID technology has exactly the advantages in this area. It can effectively improve the product supply chain and solve product forgery. The problems encountered by the alcohol industry in this area are particularly acute. Infringement and counterfeiting of bottled wine is a serious global problem. According to incomplete statistics, there are millions of bottles of brand-name wine that are fraudulently re-injected into poor quality wines every year. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 80 to 100 million bottles of medium- and high-grade wines that are 100 yuan or more in China. According to authoritative sources, the proportion of fake and shoddy products is as high as 15% or more. Based on this, it is estimated that the loss of counterfeit products from wineries is RMB 12 million each year. The loss is staggering. At the same time, the liquor industry is facing the challenge of increasingly homogeneous marketing, increasingly fierce brand and terminal competition, continuous influx of foreign brands, and counterfeit wine. Reliance on brands for competitive advantage, diversification through capital operation, and technological innovation and high-end anti-counterfeiting technologies to enhance competitiveness are still trends in the development of China's wine industry in the future. Wine manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to promote their products. In the colorful packaging marketing, RFID technology will gradually become the new darling. While achieving the tracking function, it will also help improve product safety in the consumer supply chain, and for long-term entanglement The problem of product forgery in the wine industry is also of great benefit to RFID.

1.2 alcohol security requirements

The infringement and counterfeiting of bottled wine is a serious global problem. According to incomplete statistics, there are millions of bottles of brand-name wine that are fraudulently re-injected into poor quality wines every year. Simply put, there are three main hazards to society from counterfeit products:
First, counterfeiters are refilling in an unsanitary environment. The wine is a low-quality wine that does not meet product standards. Therefore, it poses a great threat to the health of the people and may seriously cause people to suffer. Casualties have caused bad social effects. The poisonous liquor case in Shanxi in the past few years was one example;

Second, once consumers discover that they are drinking fake wine, they will refuse to buy the brand's wine, thereby affecting the corporate image and damaging the interests of the factory. If it is exposed by the media, it will increase the fear of consumers and seriously damage the brand image of consumer products;

Third, counterfeiters in the production and sale of fake wine, invest very low costs to extract huge profits, and tax evasion, will cause a serious loss of state property, but also for the original factory advertising costs, brand building costs of misappropriation.

China is the world's largest producer of wine, with an annual output of about 5 million tons, and well-known brands of wine. Taking Wuliangye Liquor Factory as an example, Wuliangye Winery has an annual production capacity of 200,000 to 300,000 tons of wine, of which, 100 yuan/bottle or more of high-end and middle-grade wine account for about 6 to 10%, ie, 2400 to 60 million bottles. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 80-10,000 million bottles of medium- and high-grade wines that are worth more than 100 yuan nationwide. According to authoritative sources, the proportion of fake and shoddy products can reach over 15%, and according to this calculation, the loss of counterfeit products from wineries is RMB 12 million each year, and the loss is staggering.

2 alcohol anti-counterfeiting technology analysis

2.1 existing anti-counterfeiting technology

The most widely used anti-counterfeiting technologies on the market today include paper watermarking technology, ink technology, laser holographic image anti-counterfeiting technology, bar code technology, and telephone code technology applications. The prices of the products and equipment used in these anti-counterfeit technologies are relatively low, which is conducive to the overall promotion in the market, but at the same time it leads to the disadvantages of the pseudo cost and the ease of being copied. These anti-counterfeiting technologies:

First, the technical content of the product is not high, and it is easily copied. Like a small town in Zhejiang Province, a small street less than 100 meters long, there are more than 36 retail outlets producing laser holographic anti-counterfeiting labels;

Secondly, the service life is short. After a new visual anti-counterfeiting label is available on the market, it usually takes three months to six months, and a large number of counterfeit goods will appear on the market;

Third, it is not anti-fouling. Once stains are found, there is no way to discern;

Fourth, for the technology of telephone code anti-counterfeiting, although it is now the leading product of the anti-counterfeiting market, the connection rate of the 800 toll-free phones is very low. The number of consumers who can really use this type of anti-counterfeit is not much; and because phone security is usually The security number is reported, and counterfeit products can be easily defrauded by counterfeit products as long as counterfeit products are forged with the correct counterfeit number.

Generally speaking, this type of anti-counterfeit packaging has a certain technological content, but there are still fatal flaws: anti-counterfeiting products can easily be copied, copied and used again, counterfeiters made of secondary packaging of wine products Before the consumer implements authenticity, all features of the appearance are almost the same as the original packaging, making it easy for the counterfeiters to realize economic benefits. Some counterfeiters can even produce anti-counterfeiting products exactly the same as the standard of anti-counterfeit products. There is no way to look at it and the company suffers huge losses.

2.2 RFID anti-counterfeiting technology

RFID is an automatic identification technology that emerged from the 1990s and gradually matured. It uses radio frequency to conduct non-contact two-way communication to achieve the purpose of identification and exchange data. Because the label system needs to be identified by special equipment, counterfeiters are expensive to copy and copy.

RFID technology has the following advantages:

1. Each tag has a unique ID number that cannot be modified and counterfeited; that is, each bottle of wine has a unique identification number, and any bottle of wine will not be duplicated.
2. Each tag also has a certain amount of memory space to read and write data. The ID number can be specially encrypted and cannot be copied or forged.
3. Card readers have physical interfaces that are not directly open to end-users to ensure their own security; counterfeiters are difficult to falsify readers.
4. With long life, no mechanical wear, no mechanical failure, passive work, can work in harsh environments, anti-fouling, read data far away.

In addition, a logistics and supply chain management system based on RFID technology can be established. Information can be written into electronic tags, such as branding, type, date of manufacture, time, etc. of the wine. Through this system, we can record the whole process of production, warehousing, and sales of each bottle of wine, and can automatically calculate the output, sales volume, and other information. At the same time as achieving the anti-counterfeiting effect, we can achieve multiple benefits at a time, achieve management information, and help manufacturers solve "Chain goods" issues, such as:

1. Control product quality: Product quality is the life of an enterprise. Through the entire tracking and acquisition of RFID systems, the quality information of collected products is fully tracked, quality problems can be discovered in time, and the information can be timely fed back to product design, production management, quality management and management. The decision-making department helps companies improve product quality in an all-round way. For any bottle of wine, you can trace its source of production.

2. Salesperson supervision and management: The salesperson is based on the company's thinking and uses the product label information as a guide to conduct sales activities to improve the management level of the sales force.

3. Formulate a reasonable service strategy: Through the collection of RFID tag information on products, the tracking of product quality and after-sales service enables companies to accurately understand the quality of judged products and user feedback, thus helping the company to control product quality from time to time and update its service strategy. Corporate product competitiveness.

4. Strengthen the control and management of the market: Through the collection and feedback of product sales information, it has realized the division and grade management of the sellers and ensured the healthy and orderly development of the market. The effective control of the area to return goods, and the follow-up evaluation of the sellers, is conducive to the company's choice of sales partners and sales promotion.

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