Application of UV Curing In Large Format Printing (Part 2)

2. UV curing ink VS solvent ink

Table 2 shows the cost comparison of printing the same job on a roll-to-roll production system with a width of 5 m in two separate UV-curable and solvent-based inks.

Tables 1 and 2 illustrate the costs involved in producing the same job. But for the final consumer of the product, the job is the same, and they are not willing to consider the specific production method and pay more for it. Therefore, for a roll-to-roll production system, the price of UV-curable ink must be close to 50 US dollars / liter, so it is more feasible from an economic point of view.

Investment bottom line

While investing in new technologies, it always takes risks, but the key question is whether the potential returns are equal to the risks.

For the current use of UV-cured ink, the author believes that it does not meet the existing market conditions. Even though they are aware of the disadvantages of solvent-based inks and the advantages of UV-curable inks, the return on investing in UV-curable inks may not necessarily be recognized by everyone. The final consumers of the products are not willing to pay more for the UV-cured products. In the case that consumers are not willing to pay an additional fee, the problem facing the printing factory is to replace the cost of 40:6 to 60:6 with Table 2 and to use UV separately in a roll-to-roll production system with a width of 5m. The return on investment for the comparison of the cost of cured inks and solvent inks is no different from the return on investment obtained with the use of solvent ink production systems.

Currently, the market for UV curing products is actually in the non-absorbing Materials and hard materials, and the solvent-based ink solutions are not competitive in this area. For printing companies that are willing to invest in this technology and expand their business areas, investing in UV technology is an opportunity to meet this demand in the current market.

As stated before, the economics of the solution should be considered before making a choice, and various sources of living should be sought. Although the application of UV technology in the hard material printing market has unlimited potential, we should have a correct understanding of its application in other fields.

In the large-format market with flexible materials as media, the use of solvent-based ink systems is very common, and the use of the system is increasing. However, the application of large-format devices in the commercial market should be more subject to price pressures.

UV curing ink technology is very popular nowadays and has become a subject of many research and development to promote its development. However, printers did not consider too much of the hazards of solvent-based ink volatile organics, while the price of UV-curable inks remained at US$100 per litre, or even higher, and these were still large-format printing of UV-curable ink technology. The key to field application.

Wang Nan, School of Mechanical Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Source: "Printing Technology" 2005, 10 (Publishing and Commercial Printing)

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