Celebrate the festival to teach you to draw a festive little "red" makeup

Christmas, New Year's Day, and the Spring Festival are coming soon. Would you like to give yourself a new year to make a good start? I will teach you to draw a small "red" makeup today, so that you will be red to the end from the beginning of the year...

Red lips makeup

Positive red lips demonstration star: Liu Jialing

In the past few days, Carina Lau appeared in a brand event. The retro red lips are definitely the essence of the whole makeup face and the finishing touch. There are several points to emphasize, must be matte, the color of the red lipstick should be pure, only the retro and peerless Tune; the edge of the lip must be clear and clear, not too round, so it will be too sexy.

Orange Lips Demonstration Star: Sun Feifei

Last Sunday's Phoenix Net Beauty Festival, Sun Feifei's stiff face could not cover the brilliance of the orange lip makeup. The red lips will continue to perform, but more will be added to the high-saturated orange color, the overall style presents a strong sense of fashion.

Cherry Red Lip Demonstration Star: Xie Anqi

The trick to creating a cherry lip is to first make a base with a light pink lip glaze or lipstick, then apply a rose red or cherry red lip gloss to the lower lip, and then use your fingers to roughly wipe it off, so that the lip produces a kind of lip. The visual effect of just biting fruit or drinking red wine is naturally playful and multiply sexy.

Red hair

Red hair color suitable for people: white people with a pale face. If your face is white and looks like no blood, choose a red hair color, which will add a reddish glow to your face; there are crowds with more freckles and moles on your face. Freckles and sputum on the face can be compensated for by the fuller color of red hair. The red-haired color first gives a visual impact, so that people ignore the flaws in the face.

What to pay attention to when dyeing red hair: If your hair color is dyed red, be sure to pay attention to the color of your eyebrows. Black eyebrows can make a big difference from the color of the hair, making the overall look look unbalanced. So when changing the color, you also need to change the color of the eyebrows. You can use eyebrow powder, eyebrow cream and other methods to solve.

Nude color foundation

Naked soft powder is low-key on the surface of the nail, and the bright red of the fingertips is just reflected, and the vitality is high-profile but not unassuming.

Step1, first use the meat powder nail polish to fill the fingers, after the dry, apply red nail polish on the front of the fingertips.

Step2, with a black (or dark blue) Alec drill and three transparent small rhinestones, respectively, adhered to the junction of the two colors for transition and modification.


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