Chinese goods are not bad, the domestic favorite facial cleanser introduced by netizens

Facial cleanser, many people are used to choosing some imported brands, but in fact domestically produced is not bad. Here are some of the 5 domestic facial cleansers that the netizens love, to see if it suits you?

Skin care

US Plus Ginkgo Beauty Facial Cleanser

Product introduction: Ginkgo effectively protects and nourishes the skin, removes harmful substances from the skin, and removes the excess oil from the pores while leaving a protective layer to prevent the skin from being damaged by the external environment. A unique wash ingredient.

Recommended reason: known as the cheap version of the 银 银 ginkgo facial cleanser. Rich in foam, it effectively cleans the skin's deep layers and dirt on the surface. After washing, the skin is not dry and not tight. Use it every day to keep your skin clean, fresh and shiny, and maintain a comfortable and healthy state.

Skin care

Skin Meiling Whitening Cleanser

Product introduction: This product contains unique natural sputum-LDF and aloe essence, natural whitening factor, hyaluronic acid and so on. In addition to quickly providing the skin with the required moisture, enhance the skin's new metabolism, effectively suppress the anti-lipid, eliminate acne caused by mites infection.

Recommended reason: mild and non-irritating, with the effect of removing mites, can bring out the dirty things in the skin. After washing the face with it, the skin is smooth and smooth, and there is no tightness.

Skin care

Anan cucumber whitening facial cleanser (white fast)

Product introduction: This product is made of high-tech biotechnology. It is made of new compound skin whitening agent and natural cucumber juice. It is rich in vitamin C and vegetable protein. It can deeply cleanse the skin, leaving the skin fresh and white without dry and tight feeling. Commonly used to make the face delicate and white as jade.

Recommended reason: with scrub, deep clean. And the taste of the cucumber is very fresh and the wash is very clean. Suitable for neutral and mixed MM use.

Skin care

Suitable herbal seaweed moisturizing cleanser

Product Description: Gentle and clean, the skin is soft and smooth. It has low foaming and fineness, gently cleans the skin texture and dirt in the pores, contains seaweed and aloe vera extract, does not take away the required moisture when cleansing, prevents tension after cleansing, and smooth and moisturizes the skin after washing.

Recommended reason: Wash your face is not dry and slippery, very comfortable. Suitable for mixed skin MM dry weather use.

Skin care

Zhaogui Anti-Sensitive Repair Cleanser

Product Description: The emulsion-like texture is smooth and smooth, it can gently cleanse the skin, reduce the irritation to the skin when cleansing. It is rich in a variety of anti-allergic essences, which can effectively improve skin immunity, protect sebum film and fully satisfy sensitive skin. Cleansing needs allow you to enjoy the comfort of cleansing every day.

Recommended reason: for sensitive, red blood skin. A weakly acidic, non-foaming lotion texture, delicate and soft. Gentle cleansing, care for sensitive skin, clean and comfortable after use. Cost-effective.

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