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The temperature has been declining, and people wearing down jackets and leather garments have gradually turned their attention to outdoor clothing with more styles and more warmth. Outdoor clothing such as ski suits and jackets have also become popular among the crowd. However, because most people have little contact with outdoor sports, choosing a suitable outdoor clothing becomes a science.

Professionals of Beijing Ozark Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. believe that consumers currently have some misunderstandings about purchasing outdoor clothing.

Misunderstanding 1: The warmer the better?

Ms. Sun of Ozark’s marketing department said that in terms of thermal performance, ski wear is indeed better than outdoor cotton wear, but in terms of Beijing’s weather conditions, it’s more than enough to buy a piece of cotton clothing that can be used for outdoor sports. If consumers do not ski regularly, buying a ski suit is a bit wasteful; if the money saved will be used to purchase other equipment, it will also be more fully prepared for outdoor activities.

Misunderstanding 2: The more expensive the better?

Li Shuqiang, production director of Ozark outdoor brand, believes that many consumers think that the more expensive outdoor products will bring more help to them. This is caused by consumers' lack of understanding of the outdoor exercise classification system. Taking Ozark as an example, it is divided into three product systems: "GEAR", "TREK" and "TRAVEL".

The “GEAR” series is designed for professional mountaineering adventures in cold and harsh environments. The price is also the most expensive: the “TREK” series is designed for mountaineering skiing and hiking activities in cold environments, while the “TRAVEL” series is It is designed for walking, camping, traveling and urban activities in general outdoor environments.

For ordinary consumers, the "TRAVEL" series of products can meet their needs, but in the consumer process, many of the "GEAR" series of top products are favored by people; like Ozark's latest 898 yuan Professional outdoor gloves were originally equipped for professional adventurers. Many gloves were bought by ordinary consumers.

Misunderstanding 3: Outdoor clothing is casual clothing?

According to Li Shuqiang, although many outdoor garments are designed by famous designers, they are very fashionable and have more dynamic colors and superior insulation properties. These factors make more and more people use outdoor clothing as their daily life. apparel. In fact, outdoor clothing cannot be classified as casual wear. The most prominent feature of outdoor clothing is its functionality.

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