Fabrication of tubular bags

[Abstract] The present invention discloses a method and apparatus for forming and filling a tube containing a product, the filling process starting from the longer side of the tube rather than the shorter side. An elongated product delivery tube (310) contains a product diverting device (316) that evenly disperses the product, allowing a clean seal to be completed in a shorter time. An optional vibration device (318) helps to quickly place the product. Compared with the prior art, throughput has been increased, but it also facilitates the opening of packaging and marketing.
[Summary Item] 1. A product conveying pipe for a vertical forming, filling and sealing machine, characterized in that the cross section of the product conveying pipe has opposite first sides and second sides, and the first side The second side is generally parallel; and also has rounded first and second end surfaces connecting the first side and the second side.

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