Features of micropipette

The liquid rod can rotate 360 ​​degrees, and it can be detached at 121 ℃ without using tools. Ergonomic design. Comply with ISO9000 and GLP regulations, users can calibrate independently. Digitally adjustable pipette calibration requires no tools. Fixed pipette calibration requires only small tools. Has a higher accuracy and error coefficient. The tip of the nozzle has a unique V-shaped ring, which can be suitable for different brands of nozzles. Each multi-channel pipette is presented with each pipette, presented with original German: 1 high-temperature and high-pressure sterilizable tip box (built-in 96 tips); 1 pipette holder; 1 PP reagent pool with lid; 1 filling box for tip box; 5. Viton sealing ring, silicone oil and 1 set of installation tools. Pipette application scope: clinical diagnostic laboratory, biotechnology laboratory, pharmacy and chemistry laboratory, environmental laboratory, food laboratory (Reference: June 2002, the Department of Biology, Zhejiang University, Zijingang Campus purchased single-channel pipette 60 It is used as an experimental course for undergraduates. In March 2003, the Yunnan Provincial Animal Husbandry Bureau tendered for the purchase of 127 Brand single-channel pipettes, 55 8-channel pipettes and 52 12-channel pipettes. The pipette is the latest product developed by Brand and has launched a single-channel electronic pipette. Ø Unique design conforms to ergonomic principles. Ø A variety of pipetting modes can be selected by customers according to the requirements of the experiment. Beijing Jiehui Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is established on the basis of the State Key Laboratory. It is a high-tech enterprise co-founded by senior personnel with backgrounds in life sciences, biotechnology, and returned overseas students. The company specializes in operating experimental instruments, research reagents and laboratory consumables in the field of biological sciences, and is committed to providing first-class services to biological science researchers at home and abroad. At present, the company's products cover biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology, cell biology and other related fields. Due to the characteristics of high quality and stability, high cost performance, etc., it has won a good reputation in the majority of scientific research institutions, research schools and related enterprises. Thus established a three-dimensional marketing network and has a wide range of customer resources. While providing high-quality products to users, the company always puts customer service and technical support in a more important position than product sales. The company hires full-time and part-time technical support personnel to provide professional and personalized technical services to customers. Adhering to the concept of "being a person first, then doing things", the company adheres to the tenet of "taking quality as life and customer as center", and dedicate the best quality products and the most considerate service to our customers.

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