Hardcover album method

Hardcover books are more expensive and cost more than paperbacks. It is usually used for books with a large number of pages, frequently used, long-term preservation, aesthetic requirements and more important. Its cover and back cover require rigid or semi-rigid materials. Appearance, hardcover form can be divided into round back, square back and soft surface three.

1. Round back hardcover

Round-backed hardcover is a form of bounding a book on the back cover of a hardcover book into a circular arc. This binding can make the entire book's signature staggered, easy to read, and improve the firmness of the book block.

2. Square back hardcover

The square back hardcover, also known as flat back hardcover, is basically similar to the round back hardcover. The only difference is that the back of the book is not round and flat. Encounters will be converted into a hardcover, or the book pages are a single page, you can only make a flat back due to the inability to thread. The hardcover is often used in libraries to install hardcovers for the purpose of keeping paperback books purchased.

3. Soft surface hardcover

The soft surface hardcover is to reduce the weight of books and make it easy to read. The hard side is changed to soft side, that is, the thinner cardboard is used instead of the thicker cardboard on the general hardcover book. Books that are generally thick and often read, such as various reference books, are more frequently bound in this method.

hardcover. For important classics, academic writings, important historical materials, albums, atlases, and reference books, hardcover is used. Hardcover books have hard shells, and some also add seals, which have a good protective effect on the book block. Due to the hard materials used in the hardcover book and the complexity of the process, the cost of the hardcover book is higher than that of the paperback book. The hardcover book is already a fine book, for some books, in order to improve its collection value, and even use luxury equipment, not only beautiful design, framed materials are superior. But this is after all the best in the book, very rare.

In the modern bookbinding form, which has evolved from Chinese traditional thread-fitting to paperback and hardcover, bookbinding has also taken place, including books, fonts, covers, ring linings, title pages, layouts, illustrations, and bookbinding as already mentioned. Significant changes, for example, the development of books is becoming more and more fixed; the design of the cover is colorful and varied; the format of the layout is varied; the number of illustrations is increased and the illustrations are used; the use of punctuation marks has become more mature; the typeface has also been influenced by the West and developed into a beautifying direction. . In a word, the printing of books and publications has also made great progress in the field of binding, showing great vitality.

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