Home industry to find new marketing channels to deal with market expansion

Regarding the over-expansion of hypermarkets, ignoring the complaints that market pressures continue to increase rents, we have heard a lot in the various home industry gatherings. However, the commercial market is all profit-oriented and profit-seeking. After all, it is better to say that it is a matter of human feelings and affair. If you expect the store to “introspect” or “sympathize” to give the brand a little profit, it is better to respond positively. Think about channel innovation. What breakthrough.

Brand alliance

As early as a few years ago, Ou Pai, Dongpeng, Nature, Wanhe, NVC Lighting, TATA Wooden Doors and other cross-industry building materials and furniture leading brands have been linked to sales. Since 2009, they have announced at the Great Hall of the People. The launching ceremony champion alliance has received attention from the industry, and even doubts continue. In the past three years, the champion league's momentum and scale have become increasingly large. The annual activities have been fully rolled out across the country. This year, nearly 1,000 events have been launched, including second- and third-tier cities. At present, the Champions League is conducting further explorations in a close-knit manner, hoping to change the alliance from a form of activity aggregation to a ground-based, regularized store form. This is undoubtedly a very competitive channel to develop. The parties involved in the cooperation share resources in brand communication, channel promotion, after-sales service, etc., and the products of each other do not conflict, and they can fully seize the market share of their respective industries.

In the middle of this year, home furnishing companies including Marco Polo, Sophia Wardrobe, Paco Flooring, Zhibang Kitchen Cabinet, Yitong Wooden Door and Dongpeng Sanitary Ware have also begun to try similar projects to jointly launch new products and offers. The winds of the entire industry are unstoppable.

Not only that, but also in the rise of the cross-category brand alliance, there is also the leader of the cabinet industry, Europe, in the force of entering the wardrobe industry, while paying more attention to the expansion of new channels for penetration, they have deep cooperation with many home improvement companies, the renovation The company's channels are also used.

Self-built independent store

Some people say that the rent for a 500-square-meter store in a hypermarket is enough to open an independent store of 2,000 square meters. Some big brands are starting to do more independent stores, flagship stores, and conceptual pavilions.

In Chengdu, Sichuan, the Pearl of the Golden Sands Fashion Concept Hall, the Jade Belt Bridge Red Apple Store and the Crown City Plaza, which is dominated by the main friends, and the large independent stores of Qumei, which are directly adjacent to the Jiaxing Road Red Star Macalline, each occupy the mountain. Wang, and no longer is in the big market. The common points of several large-scale panel furniture companies' independent stores: they have been greatly enriched and optimized in the products, which can satisfy the customers' "one-stop" shopping needs in independent stores.

The total area of ​​the Pearl and the Golden Sands Fashion Concept Hall is more than 5,000 square meters. The upper and lower floors are all independent stores. The four floors are separated by functions. The first floor is the soft furniture sales area of ​​the Pearl, while the second floor is the plate furniture area. Guancheng Square Meijia Decoration Home 20,000 square meters of the main area of ​​the main business furniture, supplemented by other dozens of brands of high-end furniture products.

A boss who led the Sichuan enterprises commented: "What I want to do is to build a network and build my own brand with the comprehensive strength of the company. It is no longer subject to people."

Testing water network marketing, e-commerce

From a cost perspective, the most competitive is e-commerce.

Qumei is the pioneer of e-commerce in the furniture industry. The development momentum is quite impressive. Last year, the first shot was made to make the 80 million group of the industry’s eye-catching sales of the group, and then various “mini-groups”, “low-carbon groups” and “lust colors”. The regiment, until the recent "holding the group to warm up", can get good results. Many consumers have begun to link Qumei's concept of online shopping for furniture. Many times, when buying Qumei products, they are not going to the store, but to Taobao to Qumei Mall.

With the revelation of Qumei, many brands are vying to enter the field of e-commerce. Brands such as Bolognese, Gujia, Federation, and Gold Cabinets have all entered Taobao Mall, and most of them have independent online stores. In the past 50% of the Taobao "Six Day" Singles Day Mall, the various brands have participated in the activities. Perhaps this big discount is more like a high-intensity drill for the home brand, because the supply and logistics can keep up with the key factors that affect the development of home business in e-commerce. A centralized order-driven order can be used to see if the company can cope with the challenges of e-commerce and understand its shortcomings to improve. NetEase home reporters pay close attention to the user evaluation of Taobao home enterprises after the Singles Day. The most trading volume of Qumei can get a good response. Although the logistics results in a slightly damaged evaluation of the goods, the Qumei customer service can basically Timely resolution, allowing customers to maintain basic satisfaction. The gold-plated cabinets have the best evaluations among the major home e-commerce companies that the author has observed. The user satisfaction is high, and consumers also said that they will introduce them to their friends.

In time, e-commerce may become the biggest challenger in hypermarkets.

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