Identify the true and false ink cartridges have a coup

Acquiring high profits is always the quest of a profiteer. Carter vendors are no exception! Faced with all kinds of ink cartridge fraud, how do you distinguish between the authenticity of their own, so that they are more at ease when buying it? This article provides you with the identification of coups, may be helpful to you!

Beware of visual "sell" you: both inside and out

Facing the almost identical appearance with the genuine ink cartridges, if you do not polish your eyes, if you look closely at the inner and outer packagings of the cartridge, it is easy to be “deceived” by your own vision. In general, there are many anti-counterfeiting measures on the packaging of genuine ink cartridges. As long as you carefully identify them, it is easy to find clues. For example, a lot of cartridge packaging shells have a color-changeable security label. When you look at it from one direction, the security label is a color, and when you look in a different direction, the color of the security label will follow. Variety. If you buy the ink cartridge, there is no security label, or the color of the security label will not change with the change of viewing direction. Of course, some anti-counterfeit labels will display different contents when the user touches or does not touch, and if the purchased ink cartridge does not have these changes, it can be concluded that the product is a fake product.

At the same time, almost all genuine ink cartridges will be left on the packaging, clearly leaving the production site and date of the ink cartridges, and the entire packaging effect, it looks very fine; the contrary, if you find the ink cartridges on the handwriting, patterns, unclear, not realistic It is also easy to see if it is a shoddy product.

When the packaging cannot identify the authenticity, open it and look at the inner packaging of the cartridge and the vacuum bag. If the number on the vacuum bag is different from the code on the outer packaging of the cartridge, then it can certainly be considered as false; then, you can try to pull the two ends of the vacuum bag if you feel the vacuum bag. The presence of air bubbles also indicates that the product is false; in addition, if the surface of the ink cartridge bag is stained or scratched, it means that the current product is purchased, or it may be a fake product.

Different minds: differences in cartridge prices

The price of genuine ink cartridges is mostly more than one hundred yuan. If you are under the three-inch tongue, if a profiteer can sell you at a price less than one hundred yuan, you must be careful, after all, any loss. The sale and purchase will not be done by profiteers. For example, if the price of an authentic Epson color ink cartridge is around $100, if the seller can sell it to you for more than $60, please do not believe it.

Speak with effect: field test

Just believing in your own eyes is still not enough. The most convincing way to discriminate is to test the field and see how the output of the cartridge is when it is printed. For example, many genuine inks can be quickly dried after being output to paper. If the ink you purchase is printed on the paper and then quickly left in the printing paper, it indicates that the ink cartridge is of poor quality. In addition, if the ink is ejected onto the paper, an image or text edge irregularity occurs, or if there are four splashes of ink, it can be concluded that there is a problem with the ink quality.

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