Japanese style home sliding door wardrobe easy to store

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Japanese-style bedroom is mainly in the main color of wood. The interior decoration is the essence of Japanese style, whether it is jewelry or furniture. The Japanese style tatami + wardrobe design can let you enjoy the pure Japanese style. Wind, let's experience it together.

Japanese style home furnishing

Japanese sliding door wardrobe + tatami

The green background wall is particularly eye-catching, and the push-pull wardrobe in the bedroom not only saves a certain amount of space, but also avoids the occurrence of dead corners in the room. The closet door panel is decorated with the overall style of the bedroom to ensure the integrity and privacy of the door when the door is closed.

Japanese wardrobe

Japanese style sliding door wardrobe

The bedroom is spacious but quiet, with two round bedside chandeliers that illuminate the bedroom, with dark wood outfits, bed frames, wardrobes, and wood grain, all with a consistent color scheme and bedside wall colour Also echoed with it.

Bedroom wardrobe design

Tatami + built-in wardrobe

When I think of a Japanese-style bedroom, I would like to think of a unique Japanese tatami. On the right side of the bed is a built-in wardrobe with a Japanese-style curtain and a Japanese-style bedding, especially a blue print. The blanket can be easily created.

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