PageMaker Design Document Printout Notes

This article describes some of the important points to note when printing out design documentation for PageMaker software.

1, Chinese character effects except "Italic" can be used, other characters are error-prone. Especially the "underline" and "hollow effect" can not be correctly implemented: "bold" will cause the paste character, "hollow effect" font will not be hollow, Hanyi font with "underline" when the horizontal line will penetrate into the word (Founder Fonts can be "underlined".

2, in the text effect dialog box, the word spacing value can not be too small, otherwise it will cause overlapping characters.

3, if you use a composite font, please bring together the composite font file in the output, to prevent the appearance of font inconsistency with the situation.

4, to avoid using space to align text, use the "Tab" key and adjust the position in the "indentation, tab stop".

5, in Pagemaker6.0, gray text if you use the default percentage of black settings sometimes imprinted. Redefine a gray color or a percentage of a new black definition.

6, to ensure that all images have links. Images without link information can only be output at 72dpi.

7. PageMaker files will be automatically linked in this folder when they are opened. If there are different images with the same name in different folders, the link may be wrong when the file is opened.

8. If the linked image is changed, the newly generated file size may not be the same as the original one, so that the image may be distorted after relinking.

9. Avoid copying images or graphics directly from other production software to PageMaker. Use the “Place” command to place a graphic image. Directly copied graphic images cannot be output separately.

10. When a large TIFF image or TIFF image with a very high accuracy is placed in PageMaker, the output image will be doubled as the horizontal image, and it can be saved as EPS insertion.

11. After the EPS image is placed, avoid filling the EPS image. Otherwise, the color of the hair patch will be incorrectly output or output.

12. The EPS image set in PageMaker cannot be a JPEG-compressed EPS image, otherwise it is a gray block after output.

13. Objects that are completely outside the page cannot be output, and some of it must be inside the page before it can be output.

14. When grayscale TIFF images are placed in Freehand, the nature of the image can be changed (Apple + I) to become a bottom-perspective image. However, after the EPS image is generated and the PageMaker file is placed, the original grayscale image (with white background) is still linked. Only the original grayscale TIFF image can be changed to black and white. After replacing it in Freehand, the EPS image is regenerated, and it is output after being replaced in PageMaker.

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