Paper plastic salt listed old packaging gradually withdraw

Since June, Haijing brand iodized salt, “changing its face”, has gradually entered the shelves of Shijiazhuang supermarkets and stores. The packaging is changed from ordinary non-woven bags to paper and the weight is reduced by 1/5.

Mr. Chen runs a tobacco and wine grocery store on Shijie Road. “Two days ago, I asked a friend to add a batch of iodized salt. After I came back, I saw the goods and found a new package.” Sixth Avenue South China Street In supermarkets and shopping malls, two of them have already had a new package of iodized salt.

Two types of iodized salt are placed on the shelves of a community store. The owner, Ms. Li, said: “The two kinds of salt are a dollar. The weight of the newly packaged salt has changed from 500 grams to 400 grams.”

In this regard, Hebei Province Salt Industry franchise specializes in inspection staff Wang Xing staff said that paper and plastic packaging is more environmentally friendly, in the anti-counterfeiting process and pressure resistance, etc. are also much higher than the previous packaging, "This type of packaging It was available in June last year. The Shijiazhuang area was only recently listed."

Li Maolin, head of the distribution center of Shijiazhuang City's salt industry franchise company, said that the newly-packaged salt came to Shijiazhuang's supermarkets and large and small stores one after another this month. "The original non-woven packaging is not degradable, the new packaging can be completely degraded, and the old packaging will gradually withdraw from the market.

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