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Abstract: High and low temperature test chamber is to provide a high temperature environment or low temperature environment test. For example, the parts and materials of related products of automobiles, aerospace, ships, industry, universities, scientific research and other units need to be tested in high and low temperature tests to check the stability and reliability of their performance indicators.

The high and low temperature test chamber mainly has the following functions:

1. In order to complete the reliability of the high and low temperature test, our company adopts LED digital display P, I, D + S, S, R microcomputer integrated controller to make the temperature control more accurate (temperature difference: ± 0.1 ℃).

2. In order to avoid garbled equipment and affect the normal operation of the entire system, this test box has a very high anti-interference ability, should be able to adapt to changes in the external environment. At the same time ensure the accuracy and real-time information, and meet certain accuracy requirements.

3. In order to keep abreast of the system's operating status, the equipment is installed in the system to display a fault signal, which can cut off the power of the high and low temperature box in time and can alarm.

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