Replenishment needs to be based on age and muscle quality

The weather became cold every day, the air was lost in the past, and the earth also had a wrinkle of wrinkles... At this time, our skin was ready to replenish moisture. Today's moisturizing products are very rich, with a wide variety of names and ingredients. Amy's MM should choose the right moisturizer according to their age and skin quality, otherwise they will "drink" the wrong water.


First, how many moisturizing products?
Grease and Moisturizer: This is the oldest moisturizing method. The best effect of this kind of moisturizer is petrolatum, but Vaseline is not absorbed by the skin, but it will form a moisturizing barrier on the skin, so that the water will not easily evaporate and dissipate, thus protecting the skin from foreign objects. In addition to Vaseline, the moisturizing ingredients are high-viscosity white wax oil, various triglycerides, various ester oils and other products.
Moisture Hydrating: This is the most common moisturizing method. The most typical of these moisturizers are polyols. The oldest used are glycerin, sorbose, propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol and so on. This kind of substance has the function of extracting moisture from the surrounding environment, and it makes the skin moisturizing better under the condition of high relative humidity. A moisturizing skin care product containing this ingredient, suitable for use in summer, early autumn and southern regions with high relative humidity.
Hydrating Moisturizer: This is the most versatile moisturizing method. It is a hydrophilic, water-compatible substance that forms a net that combines free and free water into its mesh. Free water becomes combined with water and is not easily evaporated to achieve a moisturizing effect. It is a relatively advanced moisturizing ingredient. It is suitable for all skin types and various climates. It can be used during the day and night. Its ingredients are mainly collagen and elastin, which are derived from animal body.
Repairing Moisturizers: In recent years, skin care products have been added with various nutrients to help repair various functions of skin cells, enhancing their resistance and protection, such as vitamins A, B6, C, E, and acid. Botanical extracts and minerals containing various natural anti-free radicals and vitamins. These moisturizing ingredients have the ability to remove the skin's stratum corneum and promote moisturizing functions, allowing newborn keratinocytes to naturally exert moisturizing functions and improve skin's moisture. This type of moisturizer is suitable for skin that is more than 30 years old and damaged by age erosion.

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