Screen TruePress 344 DI

The TruePress 344 DI uses a twin-satellite, water-based offset process with a maximum paper size of 340mm x 470mm and a print speed of 7,000 pages per hour. The machine can be adjusted in only 5 minutes. 500 single-sided printing jobs can be printed within 15 minutes. Uses Konica Minolta's new process-free polyester heat-sensitive plate.

The water pressure of the Tent fabric should be more than 2000, that is to say, the PU layer, this is waterproof index. If you want to climb the mountain, you should also consider the weight of the tent, generally in 2-3KG. In the seaside, you can consider the automatic account or have a special beach account called sea breeze, go out camping, climb mountains can consider a double aluminum rod tent, light weight and solid.


Buy camping equipment there are three places to choose from, first, outdoor supplies stores, such as Sanfo outdoor and so on; secondly, the major shopping malls sports area and outdoor sporting goods store counters; then the outdoor sports professional website. The reporters found that the outdoor supplies stores and shopping malls counters on outdoor brands is actually very similar, the quality of the products are guaranteed, but the outdoor goods store products more perfect, the most important is the consultant professional knowledge, have the ability to recommend customers to choose the most suitable for this season and the most suitable for me products, to guide customers to use. Perhaps because of the distribution channels, the same outdoor products in the major shopping malls, the price is more than 30% higher than in outdoor stores.

Beach Tent

Beach Tent

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