Successfully developed a magical anti-corrosion plastic bag abroad

Recently, foreign countries have successfully developed a magical anti-corrosion plastic bag, which can extend the food preservation period to three years. It is not only suitable for ordinary users, but also particularly applicable to the fruit and food industry and long-distance transportation industry.

The Troy, Mississippi, United States, has taken the form of a layer of plastic film in a conventional bag and has initially received good results. The film contains a chemical called Amosorp that eliminates oxygen in the bag. After repeated experiments for a long time, the food stored in the new storage bag can achieve long-term preservation.

Australia's Wayne Handles Corporation is also conducting similar research. Scientists take the method of filling mixed chemicals into plastic bags, but do not remove oxygen, but eliminate the gas in the bags that promotes fruit ripening and deterioration, so as to keep the fruits fresh for a long time.

The Australian research team is also conducting an experiment to remove oxygenated substances. The physical properties of this substance are similar to those of Amosorp, but the preservation effect is better. It is said that the substance was in a dormant state before being irradiated with special light waves, and that the chemical molecules in it were only active after receiving light waves. This means that when the packaged food is packaged, there is no need to perform complex deoxygenation as long as it is irradiated with special light waves in the final process of packaging the food.

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