Sweet Zhang Yihan's skin care experience

The sound quality is sexy and sweet Zhang Yihan, do you know her beauty experience? In fact, her beauty experience is very simple, that is, maintenance is a daily homework article, good skin color to drink more water, and cosmetics is second.

Maintenance for Zhang Yihan is a “big project” that must be done every day. It takes 3 hours to make whitening in the bathroom, and the diligence is amazing. Every day, she uses 12 points of spirit to put into maintenance work, from face cleansing to cleansing, from moisturizing to whitening massage, step by step, no sloppy! The day before, if the time is not enough or too tired, there is no maintenance enough, and the next day will be doubled back, only to let people deeply understand Zhang Yihan's attention to maintenance.

Zhang Yuhan feels that the most basic element of healthy skin is ruddy and watery. Therefore, drinking plenty of water on weekdays is definitely a good way to maintain water quality. Drinking more water can help the body to eliminate toxins. Girls who love beauty must add more every day.

The magic of the star DIY mung bean mask Zhang Yihan from the middle school period will use mung bean powder to add water or use egg white to apply the face, people have to sigh the girl's cleverness. Moisturizes and increases skin firmness. Nowadays, because of the relationship of work, it is often necessary to use makeup on cosmetics. Maintenance is a must-do homework every day.

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