Temperament actress Yuan Li's skin care experience

Temperament actress Yuan Li's skin care experience, you know? In fact, cosmetics are not omnipotent, so how do we skin care?

Representative star: Yuan Li

Type B blood, sensitive and slimming is very bad. If you paint a picture for a B-type person, it seems difficult to outline their outline. Like food, but always will "start slimming tomorrow," Rakuten is looking for dermatologists every year, soothing sensitive and slimming is the root of their removal of childishness.

Type B personality characteristics: The basic way of thinking is divergence. The consistent child mentality makes the mood change like a thunderstorm, crying, depressed, and soon it rains fine, never letting troubles stay overnight. They love group action like "girls."

Skin care habits common: Type B people have a naive and pure "doll" face, the skin is white, the stratum corneum is relatively thin, the skin state is like the B-type person's emotional changes, big ups and downs, slightly windy or seasonal changes, sensitive issues It appears.

Hidden skin problems: The skin is very sensitive to environmental stress, usually relied on food decompression, so they are the most popular group of people who drink afternoon tea and eat supper. If you are too lazy to exercise, the body shape training plan will be abandoned.

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