The wooden door becomes "fat" is not its own problem but the environment

There are many reasons for the deformation of the wooden door. The wooden door is one of the most susceptible to deformation and cracking due to the use of wood processing, large flat area, and few fixed points. Since the deformed wooden door will directly lead to the sound insulation, airtightness and beauty of the house, it is of great importance to understand the deformation of the wooden door.

Natural wood has various factors in the growth process, resulting in uneven wood density (sunny surface, annual ring density, core material and sapwood). When the wood is shaved, the internal stress balance is changed. Deformation and cracking of wood.
The high moisture content of wood is another major cause of deformation of the wooden door. As the water content decreases during use, the internal stress of the wood will slowly appear, eventually leading to deformation and cracking.

Whether the wooden door design structure is reasonable (including internal); whether it is made according to the process requirements in the actual production; whether the glue is fully cured; whether the transportation and placement meet the requirements; the environmental condition of the use place is also an important cause of the deformation of the wooden door.

In the production process, the main means to prevent deformation of wooden doors is to use mechanical and technical methods to change the internal stress and water content of wood. The most effective and most common method for changing internal stress is to pine or Chinese fir (the two kinds of wood have less internal stress). Finger-joining; the method of changing the moisture content of wood is to perform secondary drying (natural drying followed by steam drying). The quality of the processing technology in the production of wooden doors, such as the pressure, temperature, balance layer, and bonding force of the press, will directly affect whether the wooden door is deformed or cracked during use.

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