Traditional Culture Application Cases in Modern Packaging--Traditional Colors

The Application of Traditional Color in Modern Packaging Design

Different regional cultures have different preferences for colors. For example, Japan likes quiet and grey tones, while Italy prefers brilliant colors. China has also formed its own unique color culture: blue, reflecting the ancient and dignified beauty of bronzes; red, representing the joy of the nation, and yellow, the symbol of China’s feudal society, exuding the strong traditional culture of China. In modern packaging design, rational use of traditional colors and proper expression of the cultural connotation of color can make the work disseminate the artistic charm of the nation.

The 2002 China Star award-winning work "Kang Yu Gan Yujiu" takes the first name of Emperor Shengshi's "Kangxi, Yongzheng, and Qianlong" as its title. Its packaging color is mainly yellow, highlighting the theme of imperial court and embodying traditional culture. The perfect combination of connotation and modern craftsmanship,

Similarly, the "Mingbao Shangzheng" Mid-Autumn moon cake gift box adopts rich Chinese traditional colors, with red, yellow and dark gold as the basic colors, and with traditional patterns, with Chinese characteristics.

Designed by Liu Wei, Kang Ye Gan Yu Fu wine

Zhang Yu-Ding Designed Mid-Autumn Mooncake Gift Box

Author/Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Media and Design Sui Jing Gu Huizhong

Source: "Shanghai Packaging," 2005, Issue 4,

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