Transparent food, pharmaceutical PP packaging

Attofina Petrochemical and Milliken Chemical have jointly developed a polypropylene material that is said to have excellent properties. The Atovina's m-catalyst technology can control the molecular weight, which will help control the distribution of the crystallites, and the distribution of crystallites can directly affect the gloss and transparency of the material.

It is said that Milliken's PP production organization Millad3988 is more willing to improve the performance of the target material of the Atofana company based on its capabilities. Although this technology is mainly designed to meet the customer's requirements for the visibility of food and medical product packaging, it has been researched and developed. When used with PET, OPS, polystyrene blends and styrene-butadiene copolymers, Finacene M3282MZ can meet customer needs.

Source: Foreign Plastics

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